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Thank you so much, Insider! 

I’m so excited to share this children’s picture book. It is borne of many years of working with children who have big reactions to small problems. This is the primary reason parents call me for help. It is so rewarding to watch children and parents grow in their calm, communication, confidence, and control, just like the boy and mom in Mission:CONTROL! A Big Feelings Adventure


I’ll be sending more emails over the next few weeks. You don’t have to wait long to start reading though! You'll have early access to the digital copy of the book as soon as it's released!

Launch date:


March 2, 2021 (Read Across America Day that celebrates Dr. Seuss) 

What I’ll do next:


Keep you updated on ways you can impact readers around the world and send some freebies your way!

What you can do now:

Join the Launch Team Facebook Group

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