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8 Ideas from Mission: CONTROL! To Foster Self-Belief in Children

Teaching children to believe they can and helping them see their “future self” succeeding fosters belief in themselves.

Here are 8 ideas from Mission: CONTROL! A Big Feelings Adventure! that parents can use to help foster self-belief. Talk about these with your children after reading the book.

  1. Children who believe in themselves:

    1. feel they can create the life they want.

    2. judge themselves to be capable of success.

    3. know they can handle whatever they face.

    4. know they will be ok no matter what feelings they have.

    5. feel confident to accomplish goals

  2. When Joseph was thinking about how he’d like tomorrow to be, these are some affirmations he said to himself:

    1. I love and care for myself.

    2. I am powerful.

    3. I grow every day.

    4. I am safe.

    5. I am capable.

    6. I am lovable.

    7. I believe in me.

    8. I am becoming.(the kid I want to be)

  3. In his rocket ship, Joseph believes he visualizes himself doing hard things; embraces his fears; surrounds himself with supporters; and overcomes obstacles.

  4. Once Joseph processed all his big feelings with his mom, he knew that to become the person he wanted to be, a kid who could do hard things, he would:

    1. need to take small steps (one day at a time)

    2. make mistakes

    3. need to persevere

    4. feel proud of himself for practicing

    5. be able to achieve what he reached for .

    6. be able to take charge of his own rocket ship and point it in the direction of success.

  5. Whether you think you can or you think you can’t…you’re right.” Henry Ford

  6. Some things parents can do to help children believe in themselves:

    1. Work hard, make decisions, and solve problems together.

    2. Encourage communication of thoughts, feelings, and body messages.

    3. Schedule personal time for reflection on a daily basis.

    4. Encourage kids to make a difference in the world by helping others.

  7. Self-belief is knowing that no matter how many times you fail, eventually, you will have a win.

  8. Check out I CAN Believe in Myself by Jack Canfield and Miriam Laundry (Message: I can if I want to.)

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