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5 Calming Ideas Your Children Can Borrow From You

In Mission: CONTROL! A Big Feelings Adventure, co-regulating means Joseph’s mom stays present for Joseph as he goes through a difficult experience, offering warm and responsive interactions that provide the support, coaching and modeling he needs to “understand, express and modulate his thoughts, feelings, and behaviors”. Murray et al. 2015, 14

1.Modeling calm through tone, facial expression, posture, touch, voice volume and more.

2. Validating children’s feelings helps them feel heard and seen.

3. Providing deep pressure massage, rhythmic swinging, deep breathing, rhythmic music, natural lighting and other environmental tweaks can calm down both parent and child.

4. Being responsive, consistent and nurturing helps children learn the life-long skill of calming their nervous systems.

5. Using Time-Ins can help.

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